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The fiberglass swimming pool is a one-piece swimming pool, which has been pre-fabricated into different shapes. It is made of a consolidated layer of glass fiber. The thickness of the tank shell is 3/16 to 3/8 inches. The inner walls and floors of fiberglass underground swimming pools are coated with liquid resin, usually called a gel coat, to protect the inner surface from algae and other objects that cause slippage. Gel coat can also soften the floor, but the glass fiber material makes it strong and durable, so it is not easy to crack or any other damage.

Inground Pool Tuscon

Fiberglass Inground Pool Shapes:

1. Traditional Freeforms These fiberglass swimming pools are equipped with seats and benches, allowing users to submerge their body parts while enjoying a drink or relaxing. They are made with anti-slip properties, thus ensuring safety against sliding accidents.

2. Rectangular It contains multiple entry and exit points, which is ideal when swimmers want to leave the water immediately. Another feature is the wading area, where children can play without worrying about drowning. A built-in spa was also added, where people can relax while drinking water.

2. Kidney The kidney-shaped swimming pool is favored for its practical design and style. The swimming pool is divided into shallow and deep parts, suitable for children or beginners.

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